Privacy Policy

Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management will endeavour at all times to remain compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles.
Information about a client is collected by the client for use to provide the services required.  The customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders of the client are also included in this privacy policy.
(a)    the kinds of personal information that Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management collects and holds;
The information that will be collected and held for a client would be all of the information required to enable me to perform the services required for bookkeeping and management purposes.
The information collected will be used directly for the purpose of performing the service that the client has engaged me to perform.
The information collected may be for a client in relation to:
•    Customers
•    Suppliers
•    Employees
•    Insurance providers
•    Solicitors
•    Banks or other finance providers
•    Government departments
•    Contractors
•    Other stakeholders of the client.
The information collected could contain any of the following and more as is necessary for the collection of the data for the sole purpose of conducting the business of the client.
•    Name
•    Address
•    Phone number and email
•    Date of birth
•    Tax file number
•    Superannuation details
•    Payroll details
•    ABN number
•    Business contracts
•    Insurance policies
•    Loan and lease documents from banks or other financial providers
•    Licenses and registrations
Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management will take reasonable steps to ensure all information collected is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading. We will take reasonable steps to amend any records that are incorrect, should they be brought to our attention.

(b)    how the entity collects and holds personal information;
The information collected by Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management will be collected in a manner that is reasonable and lawful.  The information will not be collected and held without the permission of the client.
The information will be held in a secure location that cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.  It will be stored on a computer that has password access to enable the information to be kept private.  Any hardcopy documents will be locked in a filing cabinet that can only be accessed by authorised parties.

Any work done at the client’s premises will be kept secure within the premises of that client by using the resources of that client.

(c)    the purposes for which the entity collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information;

The information is collected and held solely for the purpose of being able to perform the duties requested by the client.

The information will only be disclosed to appropriate entities or individuals as a matter of course of carrying out the services requested by the client. The business dealings of the client will necessitate the need to disclose information as during the normal course of business related transactions. The information disclosed will only be the information that is required for that particular person or entity and not to all parties involved.

Should the information requested not be supplied to me then the services that I provide cannot be carried out in a fair and reasonable manner as per Letter of Engagement.

(d)    how an individual may access personal information about the individual that is held by the entity and seek the correction of such information;
If a client or another person or entity associated with that client seeks to access personal information they can do so by requesting in writing a copy of the information held by Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management.  The contact details are as per below on this privacy policy statement.
Information about a client that has been requested will not be given out without the permission of the client unless it is unlawful for Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management to withhold the information from the requested party.

(e)    how an individual may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code (if any) that binds the entity, and how the entity will deal with such a complaint;
If you (the client) wish to complain about a breach  of the information disclosed to Absolutely Scrupulous Bookkeeping + Management it must be put in writing.  The complaint should address the exact issues involved.  We will then take all necessary steps to address the complaint within a reasonable time frame to your satisfaction.
(f) whether the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients;
Absolutely Scrupulous is highly unlikely to disclose the personal information of any of our clients to any overseas recipients at all.
(f)    if the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients—the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located if it is practicable to specify those countries in the policy
At the time of writing this policy there is no likelihood of disclosing information to any overseas recipients in any other countries.
How to contact us about your personal or sensitive information:
During normal office hours which are 9am till 5.00pm Monday to Friday contact:
Margy Allen
PO Box 64
Miners Rest Vic  3352
Mob:0427 346816